Monday, September 2, 2013

First day at the MTC

This morning we left Marylou's house where we had been staying and headed to the MTC in Provo.
We took this photo with Jason's Mom and siblings when we visited them over the weekend.
After checking in we went to take the traditional photo that all missionaries take pointing to the place they are going to serve on their mission.  You can see my name tag in the photo.
We got checked in and got all of our materials, room assignment this morning. We eat in the MTC cafeteria with all the elders and sisters - there are around 3500 of them here right now. Lots of excitement!   They said that 127 Senior missionaries checked in today. We are the second largest group they have had. The record was 128.
We have all of our meetings in a chapel right next to where we are staying. The Chapel was full. We all introduced ourselves and said where we came from and where we are assigned to serve. I wrote down each mission as there was someone going to all the ends of the earth.  We have been assigned districts as we will also meet as smaller groups sometimes during the week. Dad was assigned to be a district leader.
At 5:00 we came home and unpacked.  We are staying in the Jacob Hamblin building. It is north of the main building. It is quite new and has elders on the 1st floor and sisters on the 2nd floor and Senior couple on the 3rd floor. Our room is very nice and it is like a hotel with
a dresser, nice closet, bathroom and queen size bed. We have two overstuffed side chairs with and end table where we put the computer. Dad said to say we have high speed internet.  The room is not really big, but nice. Some people are staying at the Marriot downtown. But we are happy to be so close to everything.  This is the view out of our room window. It overlooks the sidewalk to the cafeteria and looks at Y mountain.

 We went to dinner about 6:00.  We are making lots of friends to visit with. Plus it's like watching a parade watching all the sisters and elders come in and out.  They have 26 minutes to eat. We are finished with classes at 4:30 so we could just sit in the cafeteria as long as we want.  After dinner we went for a walk around the MTC. We stopped at the gym to watch lots of the missionaries playing volley ball and basketball.  Then we came home and read our assignment for the next day.

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