Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Rodericks have arrived!

It has been a busy month.  The Lemmons returned to California on September 18.  We were alone for two weeks in the office. On Sunday Sept 28 it was just the Moulton's and the Missionaries for lunch.  
We were glad to have the Roderick's arrive on Tuesday Sept 30.  They are from a small town in Southern Utah and are getting used to the big city.  They have been here two weeks and have caught on fast.
 On Saturday morning Oct 4, we went to the St. James Art show in downtown Louisville, then to the office to listen to the morning session of Conference.  
We watched the afternoon session in our Apartment.  Saturday evening  Elder Roderick and dad went to the Priesthood session at the Shawnee Branch.  Sunday we attended both sessions at the Branch and made a sandwich lunch for those attending. 

On Saturday Oct 11th we went with the Rodericks to the Portland Art and Heritage Fair in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville. Many people in our branch live there.  This is Mom and Sister Roderick in front of the Marine Hospital which was built in the 1840's.  It was a fun event with a trolley ride and visit to the Portland Museum, a Catholic church, the locks and arts and craft exhibits. 
We serve in the nursery at church now and we added a picture from nursery on Sunday.  We have some cute kids.   It was our Primary Program which was nice and also pot luck Sunday.  We had a good turnout. 
Things are starting to get back to normal in the office and we are grateful that there are two couples and not just us! We have had some opportunities to go out teaching with the missionaries in the evenings, which we enjoy and Saturday evening we took some branch members to the movie "Meet the Mormons"!  Hope you get to see it! We enjoyed it.

Goodbye Lemmons

This was the last Monday for the Lemmons before they were released on the September 19th. We will be missing them.  The Rodericks will replace them.  We expect they will be arriving on the 30th of September.   We held down the fort but it is definitely a two couple operation.
We have two new missionaries in our branch.  The Greenie on the left is Elder Gaskin from Arlington, Washington.  Next to him is Elder Butterfield, Elder Loveall and laying down is Elder Thompson.  We enjoy having them in our home and in the Shawnee Branch.
Larry and Sheila were here for a visit on Sept 23-25.   It was fun to have them here for a few days.  They got to meet some people from the branch, see the office and they did a lightning fast tour to Frankfort, the temple, Madison, Indiana, and the west end of Louisville.
This is a family from the Shawnee Branch that we attended the Temple with on Sat. Sept 27th.  The Father and his soon to be missionary son went through the temple for the first time and then the family was sealed together.  The missionary son is being set apart Sept 29 and departs for the Provo Missionary Training Center Sept 30.  He is going to the California Los Angeles Mission.  He is very well prepared.  His mom is from the Philippines.