Friday, September 6, 2013

Our district and the laundry

Today we continued to have meetings with our large group of Senior Missionaries and also in our districts.  I included pictures of our district with our morning teacher, Sister Brown and our afternoon teacher, Sister Anderson.  They are young teachers just like the ones that teach the young missionaries.
This morning we went back to the TRC (teaching resource center) and taught another lesson to an investigator. We always have a certain lesson to prepare, however, when we get with our investigator we have to adapt our lesson to special needs they might have.  It is fun, but I need to be a lot more knowledgeable about how to find helpful scriptures to share at a moment's notice. We are taught to work with the spirit and of course that is the only way that really works.  We teach as couples so we also have to practice how to teach together. Below is a picture of the church where we meet for classes. The building to the right of the church, with the white top, is the building that we stay in.    
Tonight, in the bookstore, we met two elders who are going to the Seattle mission.  They said they are part of a large group of missionaries leaving the MTC on Tuesday and heading to Seattle. We were able to introduce them to the Allens who are  a Senior couple going to work in the Seattle mission office. The Bookstore is on the bottom floor of the building we live in.
After dinner, we did our laundry and were the only ones in the laundry room, because the younger missionaries were all in classes.  Now that is a lot of washers and dryers!

Two elders came down later to study and talked to us. On was from Lake Stevens, WA and is the Glazener's nephew. It is such a small world here, even with so many people around.   I will send a picture of the laundry room at the MTC. There are also computers there so missionaries can send emails while they wait for their laundry.

It is hot and sunny here during the day and it usually rains at night.  Tonight we had a beautiful rainbow.

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  1. Loving the updates and are so glad you are photo journaling your experience. The amount of washers and dryers is amazing to say the least! The Farnsworth Family