Thursday, September 19, 2013

More training

The Mission president and his wife took us to lunch today which was fun. 
It was another frustrating day for us however as we learned our jobs.  The couple we are replacing are very good at computers and programming, unlike ourselves, so it is hard to keep up with them.  Additionally, looking at a computer screen all day gets my eyes so I can't even see. We'll get it worked out, but keep us in your prayers.  I'm sure the first month will  be the hardest for us. 
One of my responsibilities is forwarding the mail and packages that come to the mission office for the missionaries.  I have to print out labels with their current address and post it over the mission office address.  The mailman brings us a big load each day and I send him out with a big load of mail to be forwarded.
There is another senior couple working at the office and they are very busy too.  They are in charge of cars and apartments for the missionaries.  Tonight they had to drive to Indiana to take some missionaries a key to their car, because they got locked out. They are out of the office a lot, running around- but at least they get to see a little of the area. They are very nice. 
The mission president's wife gets medical calls about the missionaries.  Tonight she was busy at the funeral, so Dad had to take care of one of those calls at dinner time.
Even though the work is hard we feel very needed here.

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