Friday, September 20, 2013


Tonight the Shawnee branch of the church that we attend was invited to a revival at the nearby Catholic church along with people from the Mt. Zion Baptist church.  Eight Missionaries and 3 Senior Couples sang.  The Shawnee Branch President spoke about the history of the Church using the topic of the Fire of Faith.  The other two church choirs sang numbers accompanied by guitars, electronic keyboards and drums.  Our missionary choir sang the Spirit of God like a fire is burning and I am a child of God .  One sister missionary sang the bulk of the I am a child of God as a solo with piano and flute accompaniment with the choir joining in for the last chorus .  She is from North Bend, WA and is a wonderful singer.  Elder Beecroft who is from our stake in Washington is serving in our branch.  We have two adult couples plus 4 full time elders in the branch for a total of 8 missionaries .  The branch has 5 baptisms scheduled for Saturday, (tomorrow) at 6 pm.  We are learning our jobs in the office and will be on our own starting on Monday.

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