Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June update

Earlier this month the Halvorsen's ended their mission and headed home.  They have been working with us in the office since we started our mission and will be missed.  This is a picture from when we went out to dinner with the Halvorsen's at O'Charley's.
  On another day we took 2 of the Elder's from our branch out to dinner because one of them had a birthday. We took them to Franco's.   We do a lot of eating out, but I'm sure you've noticed. 
One fun thing we got to attend recently was the high school graduation for a boy in our branch. We took his younger sister with us and then brought them both home.  We enjoyed it and there were excellent speeches given. This picture shows a cross section of who was there. We felt bad that the boy's mother wasn't feeling well and decided not to go.
On Friday June 13th we celebrated our Wedding Anniversary. 
After work we drove southeast and spent a few minutes at the Abraham Lincoln Birth place.  They have a memorial building that covers the spot where he was born. They have an old cabin inside that is representative of the cabin he would have lived in.  
Years ago, the Nancy Lincoln Inn was built near the site with several small cabins for guests.   
This is a cabin built about 9 miles away where Lincoln was raised as a boy.  
We ate dinner at Colton's Steak House and Grill in Campbellsville on Friday Evening.  
Here is Barbara with some cowboy friends.  Can you see the guy checking her out through the window?
Saturday morning we met the Lemmon's at Russell Springs. The picture shows the mission van at the apartment we were closing.  The Senior couple who lived here went home at the end of their mission and we had no one to replace them so we had to close this apartment.  We were able to get all the furniture in the truck and trailer.
Here we are at Betty's OK CafĂ© in Columbia.   We ate here after we got the van and trailer loaded and were headed back home.  
This is a picture of the smokestacks for the electric generating plant a couple of miles from our apartment.  We went on a walk by the river where they are located and the sunset made a beautiful picture with the steam coming from the plant. 
Finally we had a nice Father's day.  We served dinner at our apartment with the six other missionaries assigned to the Shawnee Branch.  Barbara fixed a great meal with ham, potatoes and all the fixings. Notice the cute Father's Day Cake, and one of the Elder's making music with our glasses.