Friday, September 13, 2013

Office training complete!

Today we had our last day of office training. A man from the church's Global Fleet Service  came to talk to us about mission cars.  It was very interesting and informative. He said that because of the influx of missionaries,  all the missions are calling for more cars. This takes time and cars are expensive. They are bought with our tithing money, so there is also a lot of accountability involved.  Missionaries who are allowed to drive must have the right attitude, be obedient and be held accountable!
An important thing we learned is that most 18 year olds have not been trained how to maintain a car.  We should teach both our young men and women how to fill a car with gas, how to use a credit card, how to fill the tires with the right amount of air, take it to get the oil changed and know how to check the brakes and wipers. They also need  to wash it and vacuum it and keep it clean. These are all necessary tasks that have to be done in the mission field.  Many youth can be overwhelmed with that stewardship as well as all the other things they must learn and do.

He said that someone once asked: "How much does a convert baptism cost?"  We are slowly learning how much it costs to send these missionaries out, but the Lord has said,  "The Worth of Souls is Great" and so that is WHY we do it!

We closed our classes today with a testimony meeting. It has been an amazing two weeks with amazing people. Their missions will be blessed to have them!

We left the MTC at about 4:00 p.m. and headed to the Walker's house (Angela's in laws) to pick up some our belongings which we had stored there.
 And we are off!
We are staying in Vernal Thursday night on our way to Kentucky.

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