Friday, August 30, 2013

Saying Good bye

On Sunday my mom and dad gave their farewell talks at church.  Their six children that live nearby and their 15 grandkids came to hear to the talks.  My mom spoke about the Book of Mormon and my Dad spoke about the restoration of the gospel.  It was sweet to hear their testimonies and how much they wanted to share the teachings of our church with others.  After church we all congregated at their house for lunch.  It was a beautiful day so we ate in the backyard.  These three girls ate on the swing.
Some of the little kids ate up in the fort.  Everyone had fun together and didn't want to leave knowing that this would be the last Mouton family meal with my parents for two years.
The next day my Mom's good friend Nan hosted a luncheon with salads and rolls for the ladies in the ward and my mom's quilt group friends.  Nan put these cute Kentucky flags on the fruit tray.
And she made this nice banner which hung on her porch.

 This is the group of ladies sitting inside.
 And here is my Mom telling her friends about her mission responsibilities.
Last night some of the family joined my parents at their house where they were given a special Priesthood blessing to set them apart as full time missionaries by the Stake President of our church.  It was a touching experience.  We each gave my parents some advice and then they shared their beliefs about our church with us.  I posed for one last picture with my parents.
 My brother and his wife provided an ice cream cake for us to all enjoy after the blessing.  It was delicious and the perfect ending to the day.
 Everyone enjoying the ice cream cake.
This morning my parents headed to Utah for two weeks of training before they head over to Kentucky.  Good luck Mom and Dad!

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  1. So excited for you! Glad to see you'll be blogging about your experiences, it'll make it fun to follow along. Love you!