Friday, November 7, 2014

A visit from Derek

Our son Derek recently visited us in Louisville.  On Friday he arrived just in time to go to a birthday party for a girl in the branch who was turning 14.  Her mom made us lots of yummy Brazilian food.   

Saturday we took him and went to the Temple with a sister from the Branch who was getting her endowments. 
That evening we took Derek downtown to eat and to see the waterfront. 
Sunday we attended church then we had all the missionaries to dinner. After dinner we went to the new member fireside. 

Monday he spent the day hiking in some parks. We met after work and went to Franco's for supper. 

Tuesday was transfers. Derek came into the office to help with transfers.  It was raining and he had to help in the parking lot parking cars, and running the bike shed.   That afternoon we went with the missionaries to the temple.  Tues evening we went to a Cuban Restaurant in St. Matthews.  
Wednesday we took the afternoon off so we could spend some time with Derek.  We went to the Bernheim Forest.  It doesn't have evergreens like a Washington State forest but it was a beautiful place with lakes and the trees changing colors.  We also drove down to Bardstown and enjoyed seeing it.  

We also took pictures with Derek  in front of the mission sign and office.  We loved having him visit and were blessed with beautiful weather!