Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life in Kentucky

We arrived in Louisville yesterday afternoon.  We went to the office and right away started training. We only stopped because the Bollingers (the couple training us) had to go help someone in the branch plan a funeral. We drove to our apartment, which is nice.  It is about 20 minutes from the office. It was set up with everything we needed and so clean and nice. The Bollinger's moved into a small apartment in the mission office this week so we could move into their apartment.  They will stay in Louisville until the end of the week to train us.  We had peanut butter sandwiches for dinner because we still had some left from Sunday.  We brought in all of our stuff and got unpacked and set up. We didn't really see any of the neighbors.

We went back to the office Tuesday morning at 8:00 and got right back to work on training. There is so much to learn, we are both overwhelmed. Luckily we took our peanut butter and bread and had sandwiches for lunch (we only had time for a short break). Then we trained for a few more hours.

Tuesday evening we went with the Bollingers to meet some of the people in the branch that they home teach. These people are all so Christ like and love the Bollinger's so much, and are sad to see them go. We already love the Bollinger's - they are amazing people and have big shoes to fill!
I could only sum our first two days up by saying it seems like we have been here forever. I could already write a book about our experiences and I have been humbled in a ways that can't be explained on an email.

We know the Lord loves all of children and there is much we can do to serve and help others. However, we already know that we can't help them nearly as much as they can help us. We have a lot to learn about loving like Christ does.


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  1. Going to love keeping tabs on you two!! Excited to see/hear more great experiences as you write your own section of the D&C! Keep them coming...there ARE people reading the blog!!