Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Member Missionary Work

Today they divided up the finance people and the secretaries for separate training. They squished all the men into a small room and the women got to stay in the larger room.
We were together in the afternoon and learned how to work out transfers on the computer- so we are ready to go!

We had a wonderful devotional tonight. Elder James B. Martino spoke on the importance of members working to help the missionaries. He talked about how Alma, being a missionary, used Amulek, as a member, to help him fellowship as they taught. Alma 8:30 " And Alma went forth, and also Amulek, among the people, to declare the words of God unto them; And they were filled with the Holy Ghost."  Alma 10:10  Amulek said  "And again, I know that the things whereof he hath testified are true; for behold I do say unto you that as the Lord liveth, even so has he sent his angel to make these things manifest unto me".  Elder Martino said that Alma and the missionaries are the angels bringing the message to the world and the members go with them to testify that it is true.  He said that every missionary needs an Amulek to help him. Loved that idea!  As we are here watching so many missionaries prepare with excitement to go out and teach, our prayer have changed to ask that the members will work more effectively with them so they don't get discouraged and loose that spirit!

This is a picture of us in the courtyard that we walk through this week to get to our classrooms. It is beautiful here!

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