Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September mission update

We went to the Kentucky State Fair after work on August 19th.  That night was senior night.  After walking around the exhibits and eating we attended  a free Kenny Rogers concert in the old Cardinal Stadium.  It was fun to be there and he sounded  great.  Most of the audience was our age.
 On Friday the Hiatt's came back to attend Christine's baptism.   We enjoyed spending time with them, going out to dinner and  visiting branch members.  The Baptism was Saturday at 2 PM.   Christine is a branch members sister. Christine has been waiting to be baptized for some time but has had many health problems.  The week of her baptism she had another finger amputated.   The missionaries put a waterproof bag over her arm to keep it from getting wet.  She is an amazing person who has a lot of faith.  
 Many of her family members attended.  
After the baptism we went with Hiatt's to Historic Locust Grove.  This home was built in the 1790 and was a large plantation. The first picture is the kitchen and out buildings and the second is the home.  The grounds were lovely and many Louisville events are held here.  

 Sunday following church we had all the Missonaries and the Hiatt's in our apartment for dinner.  
 That evening we attended the New Member Fireside where we had a young couple who are in the Louisville Ballet speak.  Elder Cardon from the First Quorum of the Seventy also spoke.  He is Amy Dean's Father-in- law.  We got to meet him and Sister Cardon.  On Monday we drove to Lexington, Ky to attend an all day Mission Conference with Elder Cardon.  We enjoyed getting out of the office and being inspired by all the speakers.   After the conference a big group of Missionaries wanted to go to Panda Express for dinner.  They pretty much took over the restaurant.  Because we were driving some of them we got to go to the party. Here is a picture of some of our amazing missionaries. We enjoy working with them. 
 When the Lemmons were closing an apartment in Indiana they heard about an Amish Quilt Auction in Cannelburg, Indiana and invited us to go there with them.   it is held every year the Saturday before Labor Day.  We got up early and took  HWY US 150 through the country and mountains to Cannelburg.   They host this event each year in their large community center.  We parked in the parking lot with buggies tied up around the perimeter.  
This picture was taken during the auction.   We enjoyed a plate lunch with traditional Amish food.   We visited some booths and bought some of their bakery items. 
 After the auction,  we drove to Washington, Indiana where we got to tour the Daviess County Museum.   The museum is housed in the old Mason's hall.  This picture was taken in a quilt store on the main street in Washington, Indiana where this John Deer Sewing machine was on display.  
 As we were heading home,  we stopped to take pictures of these John Deer Tractors on the side of the road.   The owner had restored 5 of them.  
Enroute home,  we stopped at the West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick, Indiana.  This hotel was built in 1902 and was dubbed the eighth wonder of the world.  
We are pictured eating in the atrium under the six story dome.  It was a fun Preparation day and was fun to get out into the country.