Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The work continues in Kentucky

On Saturday my parents went to the mission office for one last day of training from the Bollingers (the senior couple they are replacing).  Then that evening they attended a baptismal service at their church building. The baptismal font is accessed through side doors in the chapel.  So for baptismal services you just change the direction of the chairs.  There are no benches in the chapel just chairs.
After picking up some groceries Saturday night my dad got a call asking him to teach the gospel essentials class the next day.  My mom reports he did a great job even with so little notice.  I think they will be responsible for teaching that class each Sunday.  My parents were also asked to speak in church next Sunday.  After Sunday services my parents drove home some of the members in their ward.  One lady lived 20 minutes from the church in one direction and another lady was 20 minutes in the other direction.  Neither of these ladies has a car and often they have to walk home through unsafe areas.  My mom explained that walking that far would be like walking from the stake center to their house in Sammamish.  Then they ate dinner with the 4 elders serving in their branch.   Fixing dinner for the Elders on Sunday is a tradition in the branch but is a little tricky when you drive people home from church and you can't actually cook in the church kitchen.  My mom is going to have to be creative with the meals she serves them. 
On Monday one of the things my mom did was forward letters and packages to about 50 missionaries.  Then after she finished that the Ensign church magazines arrived in the mail.  There was one for each of the 250 missionaries so she has 250 mailing labels to print out.  More mail comes everyday so she can't fall behind.

My mom mentioned that they have a washer and dryer in their apartment which is good news but unfortunately they are both very small.  They can only fit a few pieces of clothing in at a time and the dryer takes 2 hours to dry.  She is still working out a system to get all of their clothes washed while they are at home.  My mom has a magnetic fridge and has hung up some pictures of her grandkids on it.  She's hoping that her grandkids will send her some Fall pictures to hang on the walls of her apartment.  My mom loves hearing news from home so please send her email updates of the fun things you are doing.



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