Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mothers day in Kentucky

Last Sunday evening, May 4, our new Senior couple, the Lemmons,  arrived here. We visited with them and the Halvorsens took them to their apartment.
Monday night we stayed late at the office to plant a pot of flowers to go out front. Here is the picture of the flowers we planted. They look so cheery! We planted some at our house also. Then the Lemmons came over and we took them on a little tour of the area. (They were looking for Walmart). 
Tuesday was the missionary leadership council so we had 30 plus missionaries for breakfast at the office.  Then they go to meetings at the mission home. Their meetings ran long so we waited for missionaries to come back to the office to pick up media and did not leave the office till 6:30 pm. 
Wednesday, Dad helped some Sisters with the brakes on their bikes.  That evening, we transported some young women to mutual.  During Mutual, we visited a family with the Lemmons. 
Thursday, Dad spent helped out a member of our branch who was at court.  That evening we took the Lemmon's to visit a sister from the branch who is a shut in. She is very fun to visit and makes us laugh. 
Friday evening we went shopping for Mother's day and it was pouring rain all the way home. It's not like Washington rain. We couldn't see anything!  
Saturday we went to a baptism for a man in the branch.  We took a sister who is taking the missionary lessons as well as three other young women. Again, pouring buckets of rain.  After the baptism there was chili feed at the branch followed  by a dessert auction. It was to benefit the young  women's camp program.  We took a banana cake that sold for $50.  The young women made over $1000 to help with their camp.  It was a lot of fun for everyone. 
Sunday we had took several to church and then after taking them home, we picked up the four missionaries and brought them to our apartment for a Mothers day dinner of roast beef, potatoes, gravy, carrots, salad, French bread, and multiple desserts that we bought at the auction. 
We had the three Sr. missionary couples there plus the 4 missionaries.  One of our elders is ending his mission on the 14th and another is being transferred on the 13th. We always grow to love them and hate to see them go. But each transfer is a growing period for them as" all our transfers in life" are necessary for our growth. This picture includes the Lemmons on the right.
After dinner the Elders all called and or skyped with their families.  We played Seek while they were having their turns. We took the Elders back to their apartment around 7 pm. 

The last picture was taken last Monday in the office.  The Lemmon's came into the office for training. They will be replacing the Halvorsens who leave at the beginning of June.   The three Assistants to the President fixed lunch for the adult couples and it was a very nice lunch. The assistant on the right leaves on Wednesday. He is done with his mission.
Then at 7:00 we went to the mission home to have dinner and meet the 7 new missionaries who just arrived. 

On Tuesday night we went to a special temple session with the departing missionaries, the mission president and his wife and the other senior couples.

Thanks for all your calls and cards and packages for Mother's day. It was a very nice day! 

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