Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Celebrating Memorial Day

May 26, 2014

We didn't write  a week ago because it was Transfers and was a very busy week for us. We did get to go to the Temple on the 20th with the 8 Elders who were leaving to go home. We took a picture with 3 who we had served with ( 2 in the Shawnee branch and 1 was assistant to the president and worked in the office with us). 
The 2nd picture we took on Saturday with the group from the Shawnee Branch that we took to the Temple to do Baptisms.  I made it black and white, because our camera was shooting pink again.
It took us 2 1/2 hours to pick everyone up and get to the temple but it was a great experience once we got there! It was one sister's 1st time to the temple and she has been a member for 30 years. We always take everyone out to McDonald's after the temple- so we added a shot of us at McDonald's. 
A week ago we took several people from the Branch to the Crestwood stake center to a swap and shop where things you don't want any more are given away for free. Our car was overloaded on the way home with all the goodies they picked up. It would have been a great picture but we were too busy juggling items to take a picture. It was a fun day for all. Every one kept saying how they loved America! You can get a lot of things for free! When we dropped off one of the girls from the temple a few days later her brother was outside and he was wearing a Wasatch Wasps t-shirt. He said his mother picked it up at the swap and shop! Small world! Jason and I were "Wasatch Wasps" in High School!
Sunday we were planning to feed the missionaries and the Lemmon's offered to bring some stew they were making, so they came to dinner also. Here is  picture of them.
There is also a pictures of the missionaries enjoying the food. We got two new elders at transfers. We miss the ones who left, but always love the new ones who come. 
Monday, (today) we had to work at the office, but we planned a Barbecue for lunch. I made everyone eat outside. We found a tiny piece of shade to sit in. It was 90 degrees with 90 % humidity. I think it was our hottest day! But very fun.

We invited the Woodburys and we got our pictures taken with them. They leave in one month and the Halvorsens leave in one week.  The Lemmons are training to take their place. They were supposed to serve only in the Shawnee branch, but we are happy to have a replacement for Halvorsens in the office. They are over cars, housing, referrals and media.
With the Mission President and his wife.
We left work early on Memorial day and went over to Cave Hill cemetery. This is a large cemetery near the office.  It is beautiful, has 213,000 people interred in it and also has a National cemetery.  The first picture is of the Confederate dead.  The confederate flag flies over this portion and has the inscription on it base CSA Confederate States of America.  
This is the National cemetery with the flags.  It was beautiful today with all the flags. 
It was a great day but we missed being with our family.

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