Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Visit to Church Hill Downs

May 3, 2014

Last Monday we had lots of rain and thunder and lighting. It was raining so hard when we left the office that we drove some Sister missionaries home and also took them out to dinner. We dropped them off and then on our way home, we picked up a lady from Dialysis.

On Tuesday we attended a special event called Dawn at the Downs.  This is an annual event held prior to the Kentucky Derby.  They open up the "Millionaire's room" for breakfast and we got to look around and watch the horses.   The jockeys and trainers were working out their horses on the track.  We sat at a table with 3 other couples from Louisville.  They were wonderful to talk to and asked a lot of questions about what we were doing here as missionaries.  After a very nice breakfast,  we went out to look at the track. 

This picture is looking to the east at the new television screen added this year. 
Here are a few of the ladies with their hats.  It was fun to look at the outfits. 
This is the entrance to Church Hill Downs with a statue of Barbaro.  I think this horse was named after Sister Moulton. 
This is us at the entrance.  As we were taking pictures a couple from Lehi, Utah who are members of the church came up and asked if they could take our picture together.  They were in town on business. 
After our breakfast,  we drove about 90 miles to Paris, Kentucky to pick up a missionary and bring him back to Louisville.  This is the missionary apartment in Paris.
He had been in a threesome and was needed to replace an Elder in Louisville who had been waiting for a Visa for 6 months. Below is our Visa waiter (red hair) with his companion and ward mission leader and wife. Elder Moulton took him to the airport in the afternoon.  He flew all night to Brazil.  It was a fun day taking a field trip from the office but we stayed late to make up for it.
Wednesday evening we drove some young sisters and two scouts to Mutual at the branch. Elder Moulton counseled with a another Sister during mutual and then then we drove the youth home. 

Saturday morning we attended a special baptism at 8:00 a.m. We had taught the sister with the sister missionaries and she asked Elder Moulton to baptize her.  This is a picture of her, the Sisters who taught her, plus the Assistants who will take over because she will be a member of the Single's ward.  She is a Senior at Sullivan University in Criminal Justice. 
The Sister Missionaries who taught her. 
She is the most amazing and excited person to be joining the church.  We are excited for her.  Afterwards we had Krispy Crème doughnuts for refreshments and passed out hats. Since it was Derby Day we got a picture of every one in their hat. 
We went shopping at Costco and some other places for food for missionaries for Sunday and Tuesday for Leadership meeting . We also bought plants to make a planter for the office and our house.  It was the Derby Saturday, but everyone said to stay away - traffic and people get kind of crazy around here (106,000 attended).

Sunday was great. We picked up two trips worth of people for church.  We always have wonderful testimony meetings in our branch. We fed the missionaries at our house. We had pumpkin waffles, sausage, potatoes and eggs! Our new Senior couple arrived tonight.  We are happy to have someone to take over for the Hiatt's. We hope we will get some more Senior couples assigned to our mission in the near future.

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