Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Saturday, March 29 we took the Hiatt's and drove to Frankfurt, which is the capital of Kentucky. It is a town full of history and we really wanted them to see it before they leave at the end of the month. It was pouring rain all day, so we never got out of the car, except for lunch of course! We will go back when it's nice weather and take more pictures of the beautiful houses and buildings. Here is a picture that we took of the Governor's mansion.
Monday, March 31 we got 9 new missionaries. We got to go to the mission home that night to have dinner and meet them. They always look so tired since they have to get up so early to catch their flights to Kentucky. 2 of the elders came from the Mexico MTC. 

Tuesday, we had transfers. That is always a fun and busy day where the new missionaries are assigned missionary companions. At 2:30 we left to go to the temple with the 6 departing missionaries.  We always enjoy spending time at the temple with them.
Wednesday the missionaries that had completed their missions flew home. The 4 missionaries traveling to Utah were delayed because of mechanical failure on the plane and had to wait to leave until 3:30 in the afternoon. We entertained them at the office, fed them lunch and then Dad took them to the airport in the afternoon.

Thursday night Dad went to a church member's home to fix their dryer. 

Friday evening, the Hiatts met us at the office and we went to a musical that I had read about. It was put on by a group of senior citizens. The organization has been doing a musical every 6 months for about 30 years.  This one was called "USA, we love you" It was very patriotic and had wonderful singing, acting and dancing. We loved it and it was a good stress reliever from our busy week.  ( We had lots of letters and reports to do after Transfers).
Saturday April 5th, Dad went with Bro Hiatt to help fix another church  member's washing machine, Dad is glad he brought tools.   When he came back we went grocery shopping and at noon we watched the morning session of General Conference at our house on the computer.  Between sessions we went with the Hiatt's on a hike up to the top of Iroquois park. They are doing major construction in the park so we took a picture with the construction equipment. 
There were a number of trees blown down with the wind.  This is Dad and Bro Hiatt with one of them. 
The next picture is from the North Lookout in Iroquois Park.  It looks toward the Louisville city center and on into Indiana.  You can see Churchill Downs with the big screen TV on the right side of the picture.  
After a brisk hike we came back to the Hiatt's to watch the afternoon session of conference on their TV. 

This is a picture of our apartment complex with the trees out in blossom.  The grass is getting green, daffodils and blossoms are out and allergy season has come to Louisville. 
Sunday we drove people to church to watch conference and drove them home. Between sessions we fed the missionaries.

Next week we are all getting new computers and printers at the office.  Dad has been busy receiving them, storing them and trying to figure the best way to back everything up and setting up to get them installed.

We enjoyed General Conference and hope you did also. We have plenty of things to work on- just need more hours in the day. We are grateful for our opportunity to serve a mission here in Kentucky and for all of our wonderful family and friends.

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