Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thunder over Louisville and Easter

April 12th was a big celebration called "Thunder over Louisville" which is the kick off for the Kentucky Derby Season. I went to the blue angel air show at Lannon park with the Haitt's.
Jason was busy working at the office. Luckily we had seen the blue angels practicing for two days before. Their practice path was directly over our office. 
Jason met us at 5:00 at the church for a wedding reception.  At 7:00 we went back to the park to watch the fireworks.  At the downtown Riverfront Park there were activities going on all day. We chose not to go downtown because a crowd of 300,000 was expected. We have a picture of us in front of a steamboat that people were taking a ride on.
The next picture is of us on our chairs watching people and waiting for the fireworks. We sat at the closest place to the exit, so we could get home before curfew!
The fireworks show was great. They put the fireworks on the bridge and on barges in the river. The show lasted about an hour.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time enjoying one of "Louisville's finest" events.  
Saturday April 19th after doing some temple work for a member of our branch we took a drive with the Haitt's into northern Kentucky along the Ohio river. We drove from Crestwood to Prospect then north to Carrollton. Then we crossed the bridge into Madison, Indiana.  We saw some of the most beautiful green, rolling hills with Estate size homes and also horse ranches with the white fences. It was a perfect time of year to see the green grass, blossoms and budding trees. We have Missionaries assigned to each of these areas.

The branch in Carrollton meets in an old storefront on main street. We got a picture in front of it. For some reason all of our pictures turned out with a rose colored glow.
The next pictures were taken in Madison, Indiana. It is a Historic community and this yellow house is the Lanier Mansion. It was prom night and lots of people were there all dressed up getting their pictures taken at the Mansion.

 We found this cute quilt store on main street. It is the 1st quilt store I've found.

Easter Sunday was very Special. We are so grateful the birth, Atonement and Resurrection of the Savior which made it possible for our families to be together forever. We were able to see a wonderful musical production last Sunday at a Catholic church which helped us appreciate the Savior's love and Sacrifice for us. We are grateful to be serving the Lord at this time and in this place and seeing his tender mercies unfold.

At church this Sunday, the Hiatt's gave wonderful Easter/farewell talks prior to their returning home next week. A teenage girl they have helped activate gave her first talk and did a great job, also.

We had a delicious Easter dinner with the Halvorsen's and Hiatts and the 4 full time Elder's serving in our Branch.  We had ham, cheesy potatoes, green beans, braided bread, fruit compote and pineapple upside down cake  with lots of whipped cream for dessert.  The senior couples each contributed food to the meal.   We loved having someone to share Easter with and hope you all had a wonderful Easter and special day.   

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