Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Visit to the Big 4 bridge

We do enjoy working in the Mission Office, but there is not much new to write about. We keep busy doing the same things over and over. I do the same paperwork, just for different missionaries and dad pays the same bills just with different dates. This week the Halvorsen's have been sick and stayed home for a couple of days.  Dad got to work (over the phone) with two sister missionaries to arrange a tow when they got their car stuck in the mud. He's happy he's not in charge of cars. With the icy roads it has  been a busy time for car mishaps. We continue to have cold weather. It's usually in the teens in the morning and hardly ever gets above freezing. Every once in a while we are surprised.  

Saturday morning we went to a baptism.  The previous "Elder Hicken" was back in town with his parents and they came to the baptism and visited with us.  We enjoyed seeing them. President and Sister Woodbury also attended the baptism.  Barbara gave  the talk on the Holy Ghost.
When we left the church, it was around 50 degrees, ( cloudy)  so we decided we wanted to get out and do something. We went home and changed clothes and took the Hiatt's and went downtown to walk across the Big 4 bridge.  We had seen the bridge from the freeway but getting to it was a challenge as they are constructing a new bridge very close to it.  Dad found the entrance road to the bridge.  We were surprised by how many people were out at the park and walking on the bridge. It used to be a railroad bridge and last year they reopened it as a walking bridge. It was a great outing and we loved seeing the views of the river, Louisville on one side and Indiana on the other side. 

After we left the park, we drove along the river and tried to find the locks. We found them and were able to watch the barge with the coal go through the locks.
After hiking the river and seeing the locks, we went to a restaurant called Franco's on Dixie Highway that we had wanted to try. It is very Southern and the food was great. Now we know places to take any of you who come to visit. There is even a skateboard park by the bridge.

Sunday we were supposed to get snow and an ice storm starting around 10 AM.  so the leaders decided to only hold sacrament meeting. We stayed and fed the missionaries after church.  It didn't start to storm until about 5:00 PM . 

Monday morning, we ended up with about 2" of snow, with ice underneath it. Of course, school was cancelled again and the Mission President called to tell us that we could come into the office late.  The last picture was taken on Tuesday. This is what happens when the sun comes out and melts snow, but then it freezes again at night into icicles. According to the locals this is a very unusual winter in Louisville. 
Tuesday night, we stayed late at work, then picked up elders and their investigator and took them to the Woodbury's to a FHE that the missionaries had planned. There were about 25 people there and we enjoyed being with them. 

Wednesday, the sun was up, it was 40 degrees, so we went on a short walk by the office to look for signs of spring that we hear are in Washington. We actually saw some crocus and daffodils starting to pop up through the frozen ground and snow.  

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