Monday, February 10, 2014

February in Kentucky

I (Angela) have a trip planned to visit my parents in March.  I hope the snow is gone by then.  It appears that Kentucky has snowy winters.

A winter picture of my parents outside the mission office. 

Barbara and Sister Halvorsen shoveling the snow.  This picture must be a total set up.  I can't imagine them really shoveling the snow, especially when their husbands love to shovel it.
The tree outside my dad's office window ice covered with two robins.  Can you find them?  I always wonder what birds eat when the ground is covered by snow.  Any ideas?
Sunday dinner today with the missionaries.  Elder Clarke with the red hair goes home next week. 
 Elder Dahle and Elder Beecroft have birthdays this week so we had peach cobbler and ice cream with candles.   (I wonder what is going on with the missionary with the suspenders?)
Our mantel with the family photos.  Some are missing. (I think this is a hint for my siblings to send my parents a current photo :)
 Barbara sitting on her Valentines present (antique chairs) on our deck.  

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