Monday, February 3, 2014

Celebrating my birthday on the mission

Here are some new photos with explanations of them from my dad.
Here is Mom in front of the mission office on a snowy day which happens about once or twice each week.  We just had another 4 inches of snow overnight. 
In this picture  Elder Halvorsen and I are pushing the snow.  It was freezing cold that day.
Here is a picture of the used mission cars that we just sold.   They were loaded on a transport truck and will be taken to a car dealer in Mississippi. 
These are the missionaries from the Shawnee Branch.  They are being lead by Elder Beecroft from Washington doing their impersonation of a Seahawk in honor of the Seahawks being in the super bowl.
Here is Sister Moulton and Elder Hiatt and the Elders with the lunch spread for my birthday.  We had this after church at our apartment.  We ate roast beef and mashed potatoes.
Finally here I am with my birthday cake.  Mom made a delicious german chocolate cake for me, my favorite. 

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