Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving in Kentucky

My parents started out Thanksgiving week by feeding the assistants to the mission President at the mission office.  It was transfer week so it was a very busy week.  On Monday some new missionaries arrived and on Wednesday the missionaries who had completed their mission departed.
On Thursday my parents got a break from their work at the office and enjoyed Thanksgiving at their apartment.  They laid out the food on their kitchen table and ate on some tables in the living room.
In attendance were Sister and Elder Hiatt (who serve in my parents branch), Sister and Elder Halvorsen (who work with my parents in the office) and Elder Clarke and Elder Gallagher (also from the branch).  My mom said there was room for all 8 of them but it was a tight squeeze sitting at the table between two couches.
My parents also decorated their apartment for Christmas.  A cute wreath for the door.
A merry sleigh and lights for the patio.
 A tree for the living room.  My mom brought most of these ornaments with her from Washington.
 And a pretty nativity and lights for the mantel.

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  1. Barbara, I'm happy to see you had time to decorate your house for Christmas. You and holiday decorations just seem to go together. I hope you have a wonderful time experiencing Christmas in Kentucky. Happy Holidays!