Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The office is ready for Christmas and a Baptism

We had another good, but fast, week.  We had a lovely snow storm on Friday and everything was "Beginning to look a lot like Christmas". I love driving home from the office each night and seeing the Christmas decorations in the snow.

  Here is the sign outside the Mission Office. 
The decorations outside the office.
This is the tree inside the office
Here is the nativity and decorations on the counter in the office.
We were able to go to a teaching appointment with the sister missionaries on Tuesday night. We taught a lovely lady whose house was super decorated for Christmas. Fun to teach and also to visit and see her decoration. She had made this tree on her kitchen wall pictured below. She said she got the idea on pinterest. Look at all the cute details. She could be my friend, except she lives in another ward boundary over by the office.   I hope we can visit her again. Truly the best part of being a missionary is visiting with the people and watching them learn about the gospel.
Today, Sunday, we had our Primary Sacrament Program.  Only 10 children were in it, some were sick, but the leaders pitched in and the congregation helped with singing some songs.  It was a wonderful program-the spirit was definitely there. There is nothing sweeter than Primary children. We had a lot of visitors today, also.
After church, we had a baptism. The picture below is of the girl who got baptized, Her mom who has been a member a year, and her grandma who is not a member.  A member of the branch who is friends with her family baptized her.
Today, because of the baptism being right after church, we brought the missionaries to our apartment after that and ate here. We made stew in a new big 6 qt. crock pot that we bought yesterday.  We have decided, it doesn't matter how big the pot - everything will be gone at the end of the meal.

Lastly, On Friday, I heard a lot of noise and looked out the office window and there were two cars wrecked right outside our office. You can tell by where our car is parked.  We called the police and Jason went out to help. Both cars are headed opposite to what the traffic should be in that lane, so we are not sure what happened. It did make for an exciting afternoon- the Halvorsen's (the other office couple) were out working on apartments, so they missed it. Both drivers were taken in ambulances, but we hope they are ok.

Hope you are enjoying all the Christmas activities around you.
Elder and Sister Moulton

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  1. Merry Christmas Jason and Barbara! I didn't know you had a blog until I got your Christmas card - so I read through it all first thing this morning - what an adventure you're on!! I have something to send, hopefully I'll get it in the mail today - but it SNOWED here last night and it's still snowing...only about 2 inches so far but you know how even a flake shuts things down! It's so, so pretty! I loved reading about what you're doing - you two are amazing. But as much as you are needed there, you are missed here. Barbara, quilt group just isn't the same without you! We think of you often, have loved having Emily, Andrew and the boys in our ward, but miss you to pieces! Merry Christmas!! Love, Nan (and Bernie, too!)