Monday, November 18, 2013

Crestwood Stake RS conference

We have had a good week.  The leaves are falling quickly off of the trees.  Here are some pictures of the trees outside the mission office.  The houses across the street are pretty neat too. 
We  had time to do a few things in our apartment this week which was nice. We brought a picture with us from WA hoping to hang it at our apartment and this week we found a frame to put it in and then hung it in the living room.
We also bought a microwave stand to go in the corner by the kitchen to give us extra space.
*Note from Angela: we sent them a letter and it is in the cubby of the new stand which made me smile*
We had some tender mercies at the office recently.  One was that missionaries showed up right when we had 8 mattress sets to move into the basement at the office. Another happened when 2 elders came in one day right when Jason got a call to go give someone a blessing and he needed someone to go with him.  The other couple in the office was gone all week to Zone conferences.  We were hoping to go to part of zone conference, but didn't feel like we could leave the office when there are always people and deliveries coming in.

Luckily I got to go to a Stake Women's conference in Crestwood.  I passed a sign-up at church to see who wanted to go since no one has a car.  6 sisters signed up, so I asked the new Sr. couple, the Hiatt's if they would be willing to drive also. We planned to meet at the church and then drive to Crestwood.  After many phones calls and plan changes, only 1 sister showed up. So we all went together in one car. The men dropped us off and then they went to the temple and out to lunch. We heard some wonderful speakers who talked about challenges in our lives and how the Lord knows and loves us.  The sister from our branch who went with us taught Relief Society today and told of how what she heard at the conference had changed her heart to solve a family problem. She was able to have the spirit with her to teach. Two other sisters came later to the conference and we all ate together at the lunch afterwards.
This picture outside of the church is us with Lisa (Perry) Holt. She grew up in our ward in Sammamish. She is the one with red hair. Her friend is on her left. It was fun to see her. She lives here and has 4 children. The Crestwood building reminded me of the Bellevue South Stake Center very new and big. It reminded me of being back in Washington.
We cooked Pumpkin French toast from my friend Nan's blog for the missionaries for lunch today  after church and they loved it. 
Transfers are coming up again the week right before Thanksgiving. We are still trying to decide what we will do for Thanksgiving. We would like to feed some missionaries and are trying to figure out who still needs a meal and where the best place to serve it is.

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