Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another fun fall week in Kentucky

Here is a picture of the fall leaves at our Kentucky church building.
The Zone leaders and Sister training leaders had Leadership Council on Tuesday.  They came into the office first and then headed over to the mission home for training.   We prepared a brunch for the 28 of them. We picked up pumpkin and cinnamon crisp bagels from Panera Bread.  We also had oranges, chocolate milk and apple cider. As you can see they ate everything up.   They were yummy!
 This is the sister training leaders in the backroom of the mission office eating. 
This is Elder Earl and Elder Blauer visiting with Elder Anderson, the Assistant, while he is trying to get his reports done. The zone leaders all come into the office to prepare materials for their zones.  They take over the office and use all the computers and printers.
This month, we are having 7 zone conferences. Two were last week, 4 next week, then one the week after that.

 I (Barbara) am in charge of making sure that lunches are prepared at the stake centers they meet in. The Halvorsens (the other senior couple serving in the mission office) go to all of the zone conferences to inspect the cars.  It is pretty quiet with only us in the office. So we are happy to see the missionaries come in for their district meetings. We are still very busy.  I think we stayed late every night last week.  A couple of nights dad went to pick up more cars.

We got a new Senior couple in our branch this week. They are the Hiatt's from North
Carolina and are great people.  We had a temple trip planned for our branch last Saturday. Both the Hiatt's and us were planning to drive people there, but in the end, after lots of plans and calls, no one else made it. The Hiatt's didn't want to stay late and do a session, because they didn't want to drive home in the dark. So we took them to Costco and bought things for our Branch Pot Luck on Sunday.

Today,  Dad spoke in church and I taught the Gospel Principles lesson.  We had our pot luck dinner after church which is a branch favorite: Thanksgiving foods.

Both Saturday and Sunday evening, we went with the elders to visit a lady in the branch who is in the hospital.  She is the one we drive to church. She is newly baptized and hated to miss the temple trip and the pot luck. She has many health problems, but hopefully will be back home soon.

We love it here - the weather is sunny! We have started getting up earlier and walking each morning. We are amazed how we have come to  love these people that we have not know for very long.

We were able to skype with our Sammamish 2nd family home evening group last Monday night. It was so fun to see our friends.

We love and miss you all. 
Sister Moulton and Elder Moulton

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  1. It's always so fun to read about what you are doing in Kentucky. I'm glad you get to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful fall leaves. Those missionaries look like they are full of enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing!