Sunday, October 13, 2013

Preparing for Transfers

We have been getting ready for missionary transfers next week. Every six weeks some missionaries complete their missions and go home and new missionaries come to take their places.   I  have made loose leaf notebooks for all the new missionaries coming in next Monday and bound booklets of "emails to the president" for those leaving next Wednesday. Elder Moulton went with the Halvorson's on both Wednesday and Thursday to pick up new cars that came in for the mission. They got five new Toyota Corollas. Then they took them to a shop to get trailer hitches to accommodate bike racks on the back. Monday they will pick them up from the shop and have them ready for Tuesday. 

One of our assistants to the President is going home this transfer so a new assistant was chosen on Thursday night and he was in the office training on Friday. The 3 were all helping the mission President with the transfer board. It is supposed to be a secret, who he is, but a whole district came into the office before their meeting and were able to greet him.

We have tried to come home earlier this week (around 6:00 p.m.) because we will be very busy next week. It was nice to get home when it was still light. We were able to get a few things done at home and do some shopping.
Saturday we didn't go to the office, but instead went to help the other office couple, the Halvorson's, who are in charge of cars and housing.  We went to help them set up a new apartment. They find apartments, get them ready to be moved into, buy all the furniture and supplies and then place  everything in them so it will be ready for Transfer day. We helped clean and set things up in this apartment in Yorktown. It is for Spanish sisters. The District leader and his companion who are Spanish speaking elders came to help set up, then we all had lunch. They had also set a new apartment on Thursday. 
Below you can see me sweeping the front porch of one of the newly set up missionary apartments.  I also washed the windows.  Most of the apartments in Kentucky are made out of red brick like this one.
The van and trailer belong to the mission and are stored in the office parking lot. They call the van "Gus". It is used for moves and to pick up and deliver the missionaries who come and go at transfers. Also the trailer is used for luggage.  The GKLM stands for the great Kentucky Louisville mission.
Dad and I stopped at some garage sales on the way home.  Who knew they had garage sales in Kentucky! It was a beautiful warm day in the 70's. Then we went shopping for the meals we will cook on Sunday and Monday for the elders.
The elders keep calling to see when we can help more with the members in the branch- Maybe after transfers!

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