Monday, October 21, 2013

October Transfers

Some of these photos are courtesy of the GKLM blog maintained by the mission presidents' wife.
Every six weeks some new missionaries come to the Louisville Kentucky mission and those that have completed their mission head home.  This transfer there were 10 new missionaries.  They spend their first night in the mission home with the Mission President and his wife.
The transfers were held at the church building right across from the mission office.  You can see my parents' car in the picture.  My parents enjoyed seeing all of the action out their windows as they worked.  This transfer involved about 70 of the 250 missionaries.
At the transfer meeting the missionaries were each assigned a missionary companion and sent to their areas. Then the departing missionaries went back to the mission home.  This transfer there were four departing missionaries.  They posed for one final picture with the mission sign outside the mission office.
Then the departing missionaries took one final trip to the Louisville temple.  My parents and the other office couple got to attend too.
My parents got to take a nice walk on Saturday.
The first picture is of the levee on the Ohio River at Riverside Park.   This park is very near where they live.  Then they went for a walk on the levee Trail.
This is the Ohio River.
  On Sunday after church the Shawnee branch had their monthly potluck.  They just bring tables into the main chapel area and they are ready to go.  You can see the stand right behind the potluck line.

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