Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Parents' Cute Apartment

My Mom sent me some pictures of her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky.  The outside reminds me a lot of an apartment I lived in about 14 years ago in Portland.  Their apartment is the downstairs one with the cute fall display on the porch.
 My mom decorates so nice for the holidays.  They found the cornstalk, pumpkin, and flowers at a farmer's market near their apartment.
On their door they have a wreath.  My mom always had a wreath on her two front doors in Washington too.
Here is their family room.  The apartment came furnished.  I think it is sweet that the temple they were married in is displayed over the fireplace. 
This is their kitchen.  The pictures my kids sent her are on the fridge.  Thanks Mom!  Notice that cute apron hot pad?  I'm pretty sure my mom made that.
 Here is their table set for two.  It has a tablecloth, just like they had at home, and some fun fall decorations.
And here is their bedroom.  The bed has a quilt on it that my grandma won in a Utah quilt fair auction years ago. Pretty cool that it has come to Kentucky!  They also have a second bedroom which guests can stay in when they visit.  To see it you'll have to visit :)  I plan on visiting for sure.

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