Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mission preparation

Last fall my dad retired and my parents started making plans to serve a mission.  They filled out paperwork, went to lots of doctors appointments, got dental work done, and started organizing the house.  In June they submitted their application and in July they got a call to serve in the Louisville, Kentucky mission serving at the mission office.  Since that time they have read the Book of Mormon as suggested in their call, done lots of home improvements on the cabin and their house, and got rid of a lot of stuff.  They held a garage sale, gave things away to family and friends and donated what was left.  Tomorrow they will pack up their car and head to the MTC in Utah.  We will miss them but are so excited for them to have this adventure.  My mom has asked me to help her make a blog about her mission.  I love blogging so I am excited to help.  I can't wait for all the fun events I get to share.  -Angela

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