Thursday, March 5, 2015

February in Review

Barbara at the office with her Valentine flowers.
Jason by a tractor at the farm machinery show.
Sunday, Feb 15, Sunday dinner at our house and Elder Ott's Birthday party.
Monday, February 16, was our 1st snow storm of the Season. It snowed 8 inches. Luckily It was President's day (and no mail is delivered) so we didn't need to go to the office.
Sat. Feb 21, Shawnee branch temple trip- to take Sister Marcum to get her endowments. Left to right-The new Relief society president. The Russell's - (they were replaced as branch Pres and wife on Feb. 15th) and Sister Brown who got her endowments a few months ago.  We will try to get a pic of our new branch Pres. President Partridge. He was at the temple, but had to leave in a hurry for training. Afterward we all went to Olive Garden to eat.
Sunday, March 1- Dinner at the Moulton's again. The Elders are always this excited to see food! Two of our elders went home yesterday and will not be replaced. We will be left with only 1 set of missionaries in our branch.
Monday, March 2, lunch at the office with the 3 assistants. One was getting ready to end his mission and then there will just be two.
Tuesday March 3, Transfer day and the group of 26 that we took to the temple before they departed the mission. We got to go to the mission home to dinner on Monday the 2nd to meet the 10 new missionaries coming in and then again after the temple on Tues. to say goodbye to 26 of our favorites. These Hermanas were the 1st sisters we met and greeted when they joined us in Oct. 2013- and now they are already going home. We love these missionaries and will miss them.  This has been a landmark transfer, losing 16 more missionaries than we had come in!

We are closing many apartments, closing many areas and redoing our zones. At the transfer we brought in lots of cars to exchange for ones with higher miles and then to sell. The Roderick's will stay until the end of the month to go clean out the apartments and bring back extra furniture and items. The new office couple, The Bailey's, will arrive on March 31st to take over. They are from Manti, Utah.

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