Thursday, February 5, 2015

January Update

Sunday January 18th we had dinner at the Roderick's.  This was our last dinner together prior to transfers.  One Elder went to Shelbyville and one was released and went home.  
Tuesday the 20th we went with the Elders and Sisters to the temple prior to their departure on Wednesday.  
Sunday, January 25th, was dinner at our house with our two new Elders.  
Monday, the 26th, we had lunch at the office and celebrated Elder Rasmussen's 21st birthday.  President Brough joined us for lunch.  
Thursday, January 29th, were district meetings near the office.  The Sisters were celebrating two birthdays.
Saturday, January 31st, Dillion and Brianna were baptized at the Shawnee Branch.  
The next picture is Amber, their friend who introduced them to the gospel. 
The Elders at our social after the baptism.  
We continue to keep busy.  The mission has dropped from 250 young missionaries to 226 and will drop further in March.  We are busy closing apartments.  The President decides which ones to close.  Elder Moulton works on getting out of the leases.  The Rodericks clean and bring back the furniture.  We are all working on what to do with the items being returned to the mission.   We are having a mild winter and are seeing some bulbs already popping up through the leaves. We see no promise of getting a new Senior couple when the Rodericks leave in March, so we are getting a little nervous about that! We love you all.   

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