Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Goodbye Lemmons

This was the last Monday for the Lemmons before they were released on the September 19th. We will be missing them.  The Rodericks will replace them.  We expect they will be arriving on the 30th of September.   We held down the fort but it is definitely a two couple operation.
We have two new missionaries in our branch.  The Greenie on the left is Elder Gaskin from Arlington, Washington.  Next to him is Elder Butterfield, Elder Loveall and laying down is Elder Thompson.  We enjoy having them in our home and in the Shawnee Branch.
Larry and Sheila were here for a visit on Sept 23-25.   It was fun to have them here for a few days.  They got to meet some people from the branch, see the office and they did a lightning fast tour to Frankfort, the temple, Madison, Indiana, and the west end of Louisville.
This is a family from the Shawnee Branch that we attended the Temple with on Sat. Sept 27th.  The Father and his soon to be missionary son went through the temple for the first time and then the family was sealed together.  The missionary son is being set apart Sept 29 and departs for the Provo Missionary Training Center Sept 30.  He is going to the California Los Angeles Mission.  He is very well prepared.  His mom is from the Philippines.

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