Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August Mission Update

Sorry we haven't written for a long time.  It has been a busy month working at the mission office and helping with our church branch.  It has finally slowed down so we took some time to visit some historical locations.  On Saturday August 9th we went to the Farnsley-Moremen  house. This is a plantation with 1800 acres located a few miles from our apartment on the Ohio River.  The home has been preserved from the 1800's.   The picture above is taken from the garden on the side of the home. The picture below is from the front of the house.
 This is a barge going down river as observed from the front of the home. 
This is us sitting at the visitors center enjoying a view of the river.  It was a lovely setting, we could live here. 
On Friday the 16th we left after work with the Lemmons and drove to Bardstown to go to the Steven Foster Musical.
It was very well done and featured songs written by Steven Foster.  Beautiful costumes and scenery.  This is a must see if you visit Kentucky.  Luckily we made it on the second to last night for the season.  Come and visit us next summer and we will take you to it. 
This is us at the Kurtz Restaurant where  we ate dinner.  This is located directly across the street from the Steven Foster  "Old Kentucky Home" and amphitheater. 
This picture was taken at Lariya's baptism on July 26.  She is a member of our branch.
The second picture is her with her grandmother and the missionary who baptized her grandmother. We drive this family to church each week.
This picture was taken on August 5th when we went to the temple with the departing missionaries.  We had 33 missionaries depart on this transfer.  Because of the numbers, we took pictures rather than being in the picture.
I did get this one picture of Sister Moulton with the Sisters who we drove in our car.  We took 6 vehicles to get this group to the temple.    Most of these sisters were Spanish Speaking.  It was a wonderful experience.

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