Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mom's birthday and saying goodbye to the Woodbury's

I had a wonderful birthday last Friday. Thanks for your love and support. Here is a picture at the office with some of the missionaries who came in on my Birthday. Dad brought me roses that you can see behind my head and he had the missionaries sing to me. 
That night, we went out to eat with two missionaries. One is in our branch and his birthday was last week also. 
I got lots of calls and texts with singing and birthday wishes from the family and the missionaries.    
Saturday, the 21st, we took a ride to Brandenburg and then down to Madisonville to deliver mattresses to missionaries. We are getting a lot of new elders this transfer and so they are forming a few threesomes.  It was a long day. We took the van and drove 400 miles but we got to see a lot of the mission country. Both towns we went to were pretty small but they both had a chapel, which we went to see. It was very hot that day and were glad to have the missionaries help to unload.
One day Dad and Bro Lemmon went to set up a new apartment and left Sister Lemmon with me in the office. She was trying to catch everything up before they left for a week for a medical apt in California.  We had six phones to answer and it became pretty comical which one to answer, because they all look alike. 
Tuesday was transfers.  I put in a picture of the parking lot with dad putting a bike rack on the back of a senior couple's car. It was a crazy day- but we did it!  We had a car transport come right after the parking lot cleared from transfers to pickup two cars sold by the church.  We just barely got them loaded when it was time to drive the departing missionaries to the temple for a session.
We have a picture of the Woodburys - their last time to be at the temple. This is a bitter sweet time for them. They will leave on Friday. They have been great and we wish them the best!  
The Woodbury's and Assistants went to pick them up the new mission president the next day. President Brough (the new mission president)came into the office on Friday afternoon, so we got to meet him for a few minutes. Saturday morning, Jason went over to the mission home and set up the computers for the new President. He dropped me off at the office to pull Media (sister Lemmon's job) because we were getting so behind. I also had lots of baptismal forms still to be processed. It was our best month in the number of baptisms .  When he was done setting up the computers we went out to lunch and then we went grocery shopping and did laundry and cleaning in the afternoon.  

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